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VascoCare Medical provides a revolutionary change to the standard for patient positioning



At the Royal Victoria Eye and Ear in Dublin, the Vascocare Evoultion Head Positioner has been in use for the last year. As an adjunct to surgery it has proven invaluable in that it provides the surgeon with the patient's head in a very stable and accessible position for surgery. It also reduces the risk of pressure sores because of its unique design. It is durable and easy to clean for repeated use. I am very happy to recommend it to my colleagues as an innovative new head positioner.

Mr. Donal Brosnahan M.B., D.C.H., F.R.C.S., F.R.C.Ophth.

"Maximum Support"

"The ‘EVOLUTION’ Positioners are an enormous improvement on the ‘Gel Rings’. They offer maximum support to the Patients’ Head and are suitable to the surgeon’s needs for positioning."

The Head Positioner are used on Ophthalmic Cataract & Squint Surgery.
Quote from 2 Year Evaluation in Eye & Ear Hospital Dublin.

Senior Theatre Manager Royal Victoria Eye & Ear Hospital Dublin


We have had the Supine Foot Positioner in conjunction with the Supine Knee Positioner supplied by VascoCare Medical Limited on trial on two of our residents here in Craddock House Nursing Home. Both residents had grade 4 pressure sores on one of their heels. By using the Supine foot positioner along with the Supine Knee Positioner and a suitable dressing regime both residents have now fully healed and are free from leg pressure sores. We have been exceptionally pleased with the products and most importantly our resident's quality of life has been enhanced as they are now free from requiring dressings and they have no pain. We would certainly recommend the use of these products and we will use again in the future if required.

Craddock House Nursing Home