The Supine Arm Positioner

VascoCare Medical have introduced innovative Supine Arm Positioner to the EVOLUTION Patient Positioner Range. These provide enhanced pressure relief with a proven anatomical design.

Superior Design

Unique and innovative design with a proven track record that redistributes weight of the arm and provides enhanced pressure relief above and below the elbow compared to regular Pads.
The positioners are made from two components. The inside of the product is comfortable self conforming, Visco-elastic foam. The outer coating is a non-porous Hi-Tech Membrane with high tear strength making it a very robust product.
Arm positioner info diagram Vascocare arm positioner diagram

Puncture/Burst Resistant

The easy to clean outer coating has excellent Puncture/Burst Resistance. It has excellent flexibility that improves conformity to the arm.

Long Life Product

High strength bond between foam and coating creates an ultra strong laminated structure for a long life product. The outer coating provides an excellent fluid-proof barrier without any seams or other bacteria harbouring features on the outer surfaces. 

Excellent Arm Support

Supine Arm Positioners provide excellent Arm Support compared to regular Armboard Pads. The arm is prevented from falling  sideways and is secured in the correct anatomical alignment.
Completely Latex free.