VascoCare Medical is a dynamic company that has invested in developing new innovative technology to improve the design of patient positioning devices and patient support surfaces.
          The company have a Medical Advisory Panel that assist on all product developments and have access directly to end users of medical devices.
We understand the criteria for comfortable pressure relieving surfaces that provide the maximum amount of protection against the development of pressure sores and provide the correct postural support. Our vision for the future of design in the world of pressure-care is focused on a practical approach to solving the problems associated with patient care.
     There is a wide and varied blend of knowledge within the company. This consists of experience built up over many years in many different disciplines of design and engineering. They understand the ongoing daily maintenance requirements of durable support surfaces in hygienic and infection free environments.
VascoCare Medical Ltd have registered designs for a novel innovative range of Supine Patient Positioners. This range of self-adjusting patient positioners is the first of its kind on the market. They consist of Head, Arm, Torso, Knee and Foot Positioners. Unique features are incorporated in the designs that consider both the comfort and safety of the patient and the requirements of the Operating Room Team.
‚ÄčAt VascoCare we use the most up to date design software packages, such as Solidworks & Alibre, to design and develop our positioners. We also use rapid prototyping to make our designs.